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Lots of people tell me, "you should write a cookbook!" or "you should open a restaurant!"  Not really.  My repetoire is too random ("eclectic"?) to fit with any cookbook theme, and I'm not disciplined enough to write one anyway, and as for restaurants, well, the people who say that haven't seen the inedible disasters that are part & parcel of the quest for new and wonderful recipes.  But I hope I can share by putting some of my favorite things here.

Recipes and cookbooks
Recipe Index
(links to some of my own recipes and other favorites)

    My Favorite Cookbooks (and why I like them)

Bread, baking, grains

      Baking with Whole Grains
        Notes on wheats

        Bread from Wheat to Eat  (many pictures, may be slow to load)

        Pain l'Ancienne Flatbreads (many pictures, may be slow to load)

        Substituting Whole Grain flours in recipes written for white flours
    Kneading bread dough with the Food Processor

    An illustrated primer on making crackers
    Chocolate Chip Cookie comparison:  NYT Ultimate vs Toll House Original

    Another obsessive cookie comparison:  several shortbread recipes

    A class on whole grain breads with Peter Reinhart

Tea--I've been drinking a lot of it lately

        Notes on preparing tea--and links to other sources for tea preparation

        Tea links--information and forums

        Some favorite teas--and links to sources for each


    Food Links

    Seasoning cast iron

    Chipping chocolate

    Zap your garlic!

    Photos of food etc

        My cleaver

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