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The Cleaver

My cleaver really isn't much to look at--cheap, mass produced, stainless steel with an integral handle, but it fits my hand like a glove.  My dad and I went to the Metro Food store in San Francisco's Chinatown (the same place where he introduced me to the red label Ti Guan Yin that got me started drinking tea).  They had a bin in the back of the shop full of these cleavers, and despite being cheap and mass produced, they were not entirely the same because part of the work was done by hand, and balance of each one was a little different.  I opened every box and tested every one, and somewhere about 8 or 10 into it I found this one, and another 30 or 40 and a half hour later it was still THE one.  When we went to pay for it (and our tins of tea), the older chinese lady at the cash register added some candy to the bag, as a treat for the dutiful daughter.

What I love about it is the balance, the perfect taper from handle to tip of the blade.


handle left

handle right

tapertaper ii

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