Zap your garlic!

Zap your garlic!

Microwaving whole cloves of garlic makes prepwork a breeze, takes less time than peeling and chopping, and a whole a lot less time to do it than to show how to do it!

It gives oven-roasted mellow garlic flavor in a few minutes, and makes the garlic press an instrument of joy. Many cooks turn their noses up at pressed garlic because it is 'crude' or makes the garlic 'too strong' compared to larger pieces that cook more gently. Zapping it first TAMES THE FLAVOR so that you're adding mellow sweet nutty garlic wonderfulness to your fresh sauces (I was prepping for hummus in these videos) as well as cooked preparatons and not overwhelming Ka-POW! to your food.

Add the zapped, pressed garlic after sauteeing to other ingredients to avoid scorching; it is already cooked so doesn't need that tricky step of taming in hot oil with all the risks of scorching.

Try it, and you may never go back to the slow peel & slice & dice again.

FYI, my convection microwave is not the most powerful; you'll need to determine the right time for your microwave by listening for those pops when the garlic creates enough steam to pop the outer layer of skin (and becomes very easy to peel).

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