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Two Tai Ping Hou Kui green teas
Jing Tea Shop


Wing Hop Fung

Head to head comparison of an inexpensive version from Wing Hop Fung, and a fancier grade from Jing Tea Shop. 

dry leaves
2 grams of leaf:  Wing Hop Fung on the left, and Jing Tea Shop on the right
Jing's version has larger, more intact leaves, and the color is brighter and fresher

dry leaves

  Leaves in cups

I used 2 grams of tea in gaiwans with about two and half ounces (75mL) of water at 160-165 degrees per infusion, and infusions times of 45 seconds, 1 minute, 1 minute, and 90 seconds.  


Even though the leaves are quite long, they soften enough to fit in the gaiwans.

First infusion

The Jing tea is not only lighter in color of liquor and leaf, but cleaner and lighter in flavor, with lemon notes amid the sweet pea vegetal flavors.  There is a bit more spiciness in the WHF version, probably a bit of astringency coming out.  This was consistent through all of the infusions, the greater refinement and higher quality of the Jing tea being obvious.

Wet leaves
Leaves after infusions

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