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Tea Pages

I like tea, and in the last couple of years I've been exploring it a lot more seriously, even obsessively.

kyusu handle SongZhong Dan Cong teacup

Gaiwan in use Puerh tea glaze

Lots of photos of teas and teawares on my flickr pages

Some teas I've been drinking lately
(this hasn't been updated for a while, because I've been using the tealog on Steepster, and saving those notes here as well)

Tea brewing notes

Tea tastings

Tea Links (another work in progress, pretty scattered just yet)

General Tea information

Tea Processing   a brilliant flowchart on wikipedia that shows how different types of tea are produced, most useful after you've already read a little about teas


Egullet.org Tea forum  a great place to learn about tea

Tea Chat  another great place for tea, more obsessive than egullet because it's all tea, all the time

Steepster.com  too much emphasis on flavored teas, and not enough on the teas themselves, but I'm finding the teaLog a useful way to keep some track of my teas

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