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Two Dragon Well/Ling Jing teas

Wing Hop Fung
Norbu Teas

Head to head comparison of a version from Wing Hop Fung (Premium Organic, probably 2010 harvest), and 2011 Xi Hu Long Jing from Norbu. 

Premium Organic Dragon Well from Wing Hop Fung, probably 2010 harvest (bought sometime in the past year)

Xi Hu Long Jing from Norbu, Spring 2011


The dry leaves of the Xi Hu are much brighter green, and they're larger, but the smell of the leaves is similar--bright vegetal scents, just a little stronger for the fresher Xi Hu tea.


2 grams of each in gaiwans with 75 mL of 160°/71°C water to start

30" first infusion
Prem Org (WHF)
very nutty, vegetal, peas and asparagus
Xi Hu (Norbu)
softer on the nutty, more sweet peas

20" second infusion
Prem Org (WHF)
again, the nutty notes are very strong,
Xi Hu (Norbu)
sweeter again, but still some nutty

40" third infusion
Prem Org (WHF)
lighter, still vegetal and nutty
Xi Hu (Norbu)
now more peas with hints of nuttiness, less sweet

increasing temp--177°F/81°C for the fourth infusion, 1 minute
Prem Org (WHF)
sweeter this time, still astringent, toastier
Xi Hu (Norbu)
lighter than the WHF, still some warm toastiness

174°F/79°C for the fifth infusion, about a minute
Can't tell much difference between them--light, tasty, but just not very distinct

193°F/89°C for the sixth infusion, 2 minutes
first sip is nutty, warm, sweet, still quite dilute but delicious
Xi Hu (Norbu)
first sip is sweet, delicious, and it keeps on as somewhat nutty sweet water

205°F/96°C for the 7th infusion, 4 minutes, just to see if there is anything else left in the leaves
Prem Org (WHF)
light now, simply sweet summer hay,
Xi Hu (Norbu)
light, sweet water, subtly different than the WHF

Overall impression is that I definitely prefer the Xi Hu, because it is sweeter and less nutty, and I do not think the difference is solely due to harvest age--nuttiness has generally been very strong in the several versions of WHF Dragon Well I've tried, from the moment of purchase. 

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