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A (mostly) white tea tasting March 2010

Silver Needle Yellow Tea from Hunan (Wing Hop Fung)
Yin Zhen Silver Needle (Chado)
Organic Bai Mu Dan aka Peony White Tea (Wing Hop Fung)
Precious Rare White Tea (Wing Hop Fung)

Setup:2 grams of tea in 75 mL gaiwan, water 160 degrees, 1st infusion 1 minute; 2nd infusion 165 degrees 1 minutes; 3rd infusion 170 degrees 2 minutes

Silver Needle Yellow Tea from Hunan (Wing Hop Fung)
Dry Leaves: green, needle-like; grassy, lemony, sweet
Liquor, 1st infusion: grassy, lemony, astringent
Liquor, 2nd infusion: grassy, astringent, bitter developing
Liquor, 3rd infusion: grassy, astringent, bitter, but not strong
Wet Leaves: single or paired narrow small leaves, grayer than the very fresh yellow-green of the last tea, but otherwise similar; overcooked vegetable odor

Yin Zhen Silver Needle (Chado)
Dry Leaves: pale, downy, narrow; light, floral, sweet
Liquor, 1st infusion: sweet, floral, delicate
Liquor, 2nd infusion: sweet, floral, delicate, touch of astringency
Liquor, 3rd infusion: camphor, floral, astringency increasing, weaker
Wet Leaves: thin narrow sage green leaves; still sweet, vegetal aroma

Organic Bai Mu Dan aka Peony White Tea (Wing Hop Fung)
Dry Leaves: some downy needles, a bit twiggy, some open very thin green leaves; sweet, floral, grassy
Liquor, 1st infusion: very vegetal and also peachy, delicate, camphor, sweet
Liquor, 2nd infusion: peachy, sweet, floral, less vegetal
Liquor, 3rd infusion: peachy, floral
Wet Leaves: mixed leaf pieces and stems; peachy, camphor aroma

Precious Rare White Tea (Wing Hop Fung)
Dry Leaves: neat, even, deep bright green needle-like leaves, not downy; delicate grassy odor
Liquor, 1st infusion: sweet, vegetal, nutty, strong resemblance to long jing
Liquor, 2nd infusion: sweet, vegetal, like a very delicate long jingo
Liquor, 3rd infusion: nutty, vegetal, very very nice
Wet Leaves: delicate single or paired tiny leaves, intact; sweet cooked pea aroma

Overall, the Precious Rare White Tea is the one that blows me away:  I've been brewing it with water a little cooler and opening up the sweet, floral notes, wow.  The Hunan Silver Needle Yellow was unpleasant, and probably also needs another try with cooler water before I give up on it.  The Bai Mu Dan is quite uniquely peachy, I'm a bit ambivalent on the overall flavor.  I think this is one where I have to be in the right mood to really appreciate it.  The Yin Zhen Silver Needle is always pleasant.

upper left is Silver Needle Yellow Tea from Hunan (Wing Hop Fung); upper right is Yin Zhen Silver Needle (Chado); lower left Organic Bai Mu Dan aka Peony White Tea (Wing Hop Fung); lower right is Precious Rare White Tea (Wing Hop Fung)

Dry leaves
Dry Leaves

Infused liquor
Infused liquor

Wet leaves
Rehydrated leaves

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