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Supreme Silver Dragon White Tea
from Wing Hop Fung
April 2010

Not too expensive ($48/lb), this tea is curled and delicate, leaves smell vegetal but not strong.


5 grams tea, 5 oz/150mL water 165 degrees, infused about 30 seconds in a glass teapot,

leafs infusing

then mixed the first two infusions together as I am drinking them. The liquor is pale golden, sweet, very delicate floral flavor, with a nice thick body, hints of sweet peas, no hint of astringency or bitterness.


A 3rd and 4th infusion are losing body and sweetness, some astringency coming through.

The damp leaves smelled like asparagus after the 2nd infusion, but can’t distinguish much after the 4th.

damp leaves

Overall, this is a nice, mellow, sweet white tea, and not too pricey as white teas go--a nice bargain.

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