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Popcorn sauce

I wanted something to make popcorn taste like Cracker Jack but am much too lazy to go through the whole process of making a real candy coating.  This works for me when I have a yen for sweet popcorn.  

It's also handy for perking up the occasional soup, stew, or pot of beans that needs a dash of well-balanced not-cloying sweetness.

1 part molasses
2 parts honey


Warm the molasses and honey together in a small pan or the microwave and stir to mix them thoroughly.  The mixture keeps forever, so I make up a pint at a time and keep it bottled in the cupboard.

When ready to make popcorn, warm up some popcorn sauce with a bit of butter (proportions to match your taste or mood--I recommend about 2 tablespoons popcorn sauce to one tablespoon butter for about 6-8 cups of popcorn) and bring it to a boil to thoroughly mix it before pouring over popcorn.

Sprinkle with salt if desired, and gobble it up before the popcorn gets cold.

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