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Food Links

There are many recipe and food sites out there, and I haven't got the time or inclincation to check them all out.  These are some I've particularly liked.


Gernot Katzner's Spice Pages--for my 2cents, better info than you'll find in the vast majority of books.  My only concern about this site is that someday he may stop supporting it, and the wonderful info will disappear.

SF Chronicle Food Section--I still read the online version every week

Splendid Table--includes information and forums related to the NPR program

Guide to Dried Chiles--from "Cook's Thesaurus", this took me a lot of searching to find, so I'm putting it here for future reference; the information looks solid based on my prior experience, and it has the less common chiles as well as clarifying those often mislabelled

Forums, mailing lists

Bread Baker's List--a great list for baking bread, for everyone from beginners to people who write award-winning bread cookbooks

Wholegrain-baking List--a list about baking bread, but also other things, with an emphasis on whole-grains; a number of others who mill wheat themselves congregate here.  Lots of good bakers and advice about sourdoughs here.

E-gullet--an amazing resource for serious cooks, including lots of professionals, with forums for getting even the most obscure cooking-related questions answered

Simple cooking--website by John Thorne, who puts out a newsletter, Simple Cooking, and has a number of volumes of collected articles out now, the lastest, Mouth Wide Open, is a delight


James Beard Foundation--information and cookbook awards

International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP)--information, and cookbook awards

(I always like to check up and see how the books I've been most impressed by have done in the awards each year)


The Breakway Cook, by Eric Gower--using global seasonings to flavor easily available local ingredients; now also on sfgate.com

Food Politics, by Marion Nestle--she's very wise on the politics and policies of food

Out to Lunch, by Cynthia Phillips--a friend on the WELL, who is wrong about Shirley Corriher, but right about many other things

Peter Reinhart--bread baker and bread-baking-teacher extraordinaire

Real Baking with Rose, by Rose Levy Berenbaum--baker and writer of precise books for bakers, who has a very misguided aversion to whole wheat

Summer Tomato, by Darya Pino--great information about food, cooking, and health, by a skeptical scientist and lover of food 


Scharffenberger Chocolate--source of beloved 70% bittersweet, and many other lovely things; this used to be where you could sign up for their factory tour, but with the Hershey's buyout, that's no longer available.  At least the 70% that I live on doesn't appear to have changed, yet

--the place to find a good chocolate shop near you

Places to $pend on Food Online

Natural Way Mills--ships bulk whole grains in quantities for home bakers, from Minnesota; shipping is almost always more expensive than the grains themselves

Sirene Spicer--this indispensible source for unusual spices such as long pepper, cubebs, and cassia buds appears to be defunct.  Long peppers are now easier to find but with luck the internet will provide the next time I need cubebs or cassia buds.

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