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Dayu Shan 2010
Taiwanese spring oolong tea from Wing Hop Fung
November 2010

A very nice oolong, quite pricey, actually, and I'm not sure yet if it's worth the price.  I'm trying to understand the buttery flavor other people have reported in Taiwanese mountain oolongs, like Da Yu Ling.  Making this one in a small clay pot, about 5 grams of tea in about 100 mL of water.  The water is near boiling--the Pino is keeping it between 198 and 212 degrees throughout.


First infusion was 30 seconds, not too sweet, but rich, floral, warm, a little spicy, and yes, a little buttery....I think that what I have been thinking of as a sun-warmed hay could be interpreted as buttery.

A little longer 2nd infusion is spicier, vegetal, still a little of the 'buttery', but the floral/sweet elements are a bit overwhelmed because of the overlong infusion.  Third infusion, down again to about 40", better, the buttery is more prominent, but the sweet/floral is not as strong as the first infusion.  4th at 45 seconds is spicy, sweet, floral, but the buttery has receded this time.  By the 8th infusion it's getting pretty much to slightly sweet or spicy water. 

infusing leaves


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