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Barbecued Mushrooms

Very fine things.  I used to dislike mushrooms, or at best just tolerate them, until I had a mushroom epiphany during a special dinner at Lothlorien, the vegetarian student co-op at UC Berkeley.  They had barbecued large mushrooms with a wonderful marinade.  I had those in mind years later when I created this recipe.  Even non-mushroom fans may change their minds, who knows?


3 cloves garlic
1/4 onion
2 T each:
  red wine
  soy sauce
  olive oil
1/2 t tabasco sauce

1-2 # mushrooms   

In the blender, whirl all the marinade ingredients together until smooth.

Marinate the washed, trimmed mushrooms for at least an hour before setting on skewers and barbecuing.

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