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2008 Song Zhong #5
Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong from TeaHabitat
March 2011

leaves up close

A first brewing of a spectacular tea.  I was intending to reach for my 60mL Chao Zhou pot, having planned on a small series of infusions, but without really paying attention grabbed a larger pot instead.  So there were fewer than anticipated infusions because the tea was really quite dilute.  Despite that, it really shone. 

Sweet, scent of dried apricots from the long, thin, twisted, quite dark brown leaves


Used 1.5g leaf in 100 mL clay pot--which as you can see is not much for the size of the pot

leaves in pot

205 degrees, first infusion 20 seconds--still that apricot scent, floral in the first infusion, and the flavor matches--stone fruit with flowers.  Oh my oh my.

2nd infusion, 45 seconds, sweet, floral, fruity, more intense with the longer infusion.  A touch of spice--cinnamon, mace--on the back of the tongue, along with the floral.


3rd infusion, 45 second, more of the same--floral, fruity. 

5th infusion, 1 minute--spicier coming to the fore, with the fruity/floral notes still rounding out the flavor, felt more at the sides of my mouth and in the sweet aftertaste.  I open my mouth, inhale though it, and the sweet floral taste remains.  I set a part of this apart in the aroma cup, and when I remembered it a couple of minutes later, it had cooled, but still, wow!, it was brilliant.

6th infusion, probably 2-3 minutes, more floral and fruity, didn't drink it slow enough to really process the flavors in great detail. 

Setting it aside for a while now, before I float away on this pool of tea inside me.

A 7th infusion again needed more patience.  Will go away from the next one for a while, but pour water over the pot to try to keep it hot and brewing….

And 8th at about 6 minutes was clearly demonstrating that the leaves were spent.  Sigh.  They're still an elegant mix of red edges and green middle.

spent leaves

Can't wait to do this one again with the Chao Zhou pot and double the leaf.

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