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2006 Yong De Hand Braided Wild Arbor Tea
Young sheng puerh tea from Norbu, 
March 2011

I've been working with a sample of this beeng for a while, and finally finished it and decided to open the intact beeng.  It's so lovely I thought it deserved a photo essay.


Wrapped Beeng


From the side

Close up

Closer up

Pretty finish underneath

Nibbled at to remove some for current use

The gorgeous yellow liquor

And what I said about it on steepster.com

3 Tasting Notes

teaddict 3 tasting notes

Working on a gongfu cha session with this tea, but again failed to weigh it before starting the infusion. Net 3-4 twists of braid about 1 1/2 inches long, in small gaiwan, with tap water about 205 degrees. Very nice. Also not keeping track of the duration of the infusions…..

This is spicy/earthy/fruity/umami tea. So nice, mmmmm. It does get a little too intense when I forget that it is infusing for a few minutes, but diluting about 1:1 brings out the good stuff again, easily. An excellent companion for overlong paperwork sessions.

205 °F / 96 °C
0 min 30 sec

The is a very cool tea. My first brewing today was just with a small amount of leaf, carelessly done between other tasks getting ready for work, and to fill the thermos. Not what the tea deserves, but I was tired of waiting for a quiet evening gongfu session, which rarely occurs. So….the bulk brewing alternative was tried, and even thus, this tea is a winner. Didn’t measure grams for the 32oz or brewing times, because it was done in such a hurry.

Warm, earthy, just lightly smoky, a little sweet, a little melon-fruity.

I think the gongfu should be very revealing. But I’m torn between practical considerations—should use the small gaiwans to keep the total volume realistic—and aesthetics—I want to watch the lovely twists of leaves open more fully in a glass container.


205 °F / 96 °C
2 min 0 sec

Still didn’t get around to weighing, but I have been enjoying this one again off & on today, with a small gaiwain and the pino set to near boiling. I’d guess I had about 2 grams of leaf in a 75mL gaiwain, and I probably infused at least 10 times before lunch, let it sit for another 8 hours, and am back to it again, and am now on the 3rd or 4th infusion of round 2. Sweeter, still grounded with some earthiness, but gently woody, not musty at all. Very very nice. And I’ve kept at it long enough for the pretty twists to be opening into pretty intact looking olive colored leaves.

I’m in love, and I only have a small sample, but is there really room in the cupboard for another beeng?

205 °F / 96 °C
0 min 30 sec

A few more shots

Closeups of the nifei

and other bits on the wrapper

other wrap stuff

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