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Diane's Photo Pages

I'm an unrepentant shutterbug now having a new love affair with my digital SLR, after using a point & shoot digital camera for the past few years.....and mostly shooting macro subjects since the point & shoot didn't have a macro mode, and I was in macro withdrawal.

I have put some photos on my flickr site and on my Pbase site.

I now put my photos on flickr, including lots of macros, mostly flowers & bugs
Ocotillo lipstick

and landscapes (click image for link)
Universe of sky and snow

and still more of Miss Emily and George(click image for link)
Emily scritched

And I used to put photos on pbase, and lots of macros & bugs & flowers like this are still there (click image for link)

Emily has her own gallery on pbase (click the image for the link)
Emily's gallery

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