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Diane's Fish Links

These are all sites that I have found useful in learning about and caring for my fish.   This is obviously a list biased towards the fish I have kept and continue to keep, and is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all valuable fish sites.

Fish Rack for your wish list...


Missouri Aquarium Society Inc (MASI)--our local aquarium club, for all fish fans
    MASI library (temporary site)
American Killifish Association--national killifish club
Endler's LiveBearer Association of America (ELBAA)--for fans of Poecilia wingei
American Cichlid Association--national cichlid organization, publisher of the Buntbarsche Bulletin.
American Livebearer's Association--info and a mailing list
North American Native Fishes Association (NANFA)--info and a mailing list
Aquatic Gardener's Association--information, a journal, and aquascaping contest entries to drool over.....

Information Sites
The Krib--great source for fish and aquarium-related information
Fishbase--species names and common names, descriptions, pictures--the last word and the official version of most everything
Planet Catfish--for all things catfish and plecos
Loaches Online--for all things loachy
Endler's R Us--this site has informational articles, forums, and links to lots more about my favorite little livebearer
A scholarly article on Endler's livebearers, officially describing them as a distinct species, Poecilia wingei
Koivet--information on fish health, some applicable to non-carps
SAA--information and mailing lists re:  South American Annual Killifish
Tropica--major supplier of aquatic plants has tons of useful info on aquatic plants
Cichlid Forums--a good site for cichlid talk
Cichlidtank--articles, forums, helpful information
Cichlid Room Companion--a little bit of everything cichlidae
North American Native Fish Association (Nanfa)--information and a mailing list

Mailing Lists

Aquatic Plants Digest--teaches me more about growing happy plants and unhappy algae every day
Killietalk Digest--enthusiastic participants have held my hand through keeping and breeding killies, and live food for all my fish
Uniquaria--a Yahoo-groups e-mail list on general aquarium and fishkeeping topics, very friendly to new fishkeepers
Also see Nanfa and the Livebearers  and Cichlid Association sites for their mailing list

Places to spend money on fish
Aquabid--the Ebay for all things fishy
Jehmco--fish food and fishroom supplies from always helpful people
Aquabotanic--a planted tank store & information forums

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