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Dramatis Personae (updated 11/05)

29 G #1-
Psuedocrenilabrus multicolor Victoriae
, aka Dwarf Egyptian Mouthbrooder
I've had females holding fry (can you see the fry looking back at you from her throat?), but haven't seen any free swimming yet
Holding fry

Endler's livebearers
I love them, and they are happy to populate any empty tank space

Rachovia brevis Carrasquero BBL 01-01
South American annual killifish

Aphyosemion loennbergii HAH 98
(an extra pair here just in case)

Corydoras oiapoquensis pair
Corydoras linetus

29 G #2-
Melanotaenia parva
Brilliant and fast; here is a male displaying to the girls.  This image does not do justice to the incredible brilliance of their orange.  I'll keep trying, though.

Danio choprae
Small & fast orange danios

Botia sidthimunki
Busy, busy dwarf loaches spend lots of time outside their favorite nooks under the driftwood

Rachovia maculopinnis Cano Delgadito BBL 01-04
South American annual killifish

29 G #3
Laetacara dorsigerus
Exceptionally mellow cichlids would rather hide than mate; but when they dress up like this, they mean business

Endler's livebearers

Fundulopanchax gardneri Misaje
(overflow population & grow out)

12 G nanocube #1
grow out tank (population varies)

12 G nanocube #2
Aphyosemion loennbergii HAH 98
Happily keeping the tank populated without any effort on my part

Corydoras pygmaeus

12 G nanocube #2
Fundulopanchax gardneri Misaje
main population

Corydoras hasbrosus

And the population of the 3G tanks varies per needs for quarantine, hospital tanks, and grow-out.

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