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As seen at the Experimental Biology meeting in DC April 2004....

For a mere $10,000, you can have this setup from Aquatic Ecosystems Inc, including 1L, 3L and 10L tanks, setup to hold zebrafish at densities of up to 10 adults per liter (way above the standard recommendations of 1 inch of fish per gallon!).
All 56 tanksf run off a common filtration system including mechanical and biofiltration.  As designed it is setup to recirculate, but can be redone to permit continuous fresh flow as well.   Water enters through the drip tubing at the top of each tank, and exits out the back, through a channel which leads to the overflow pipes
Overflow pipes
on the back of each tank which normally would be connected to a collection gutter leading to the larger pipes at left and then to the sump.  The blue plastic pieces are special insterts designed to force the outflow to come up from the bottom of the tank to the outflow, so that these tanks are "self-cleaning".  Oh, and they're also autoclavable.

You control the whole system from here; if there is a problem with the pumps, the sump has  a sensor to shut down the water circulation, and because the water comes in & out the top of the tanks, there's no problem with overflow to the sump in that situation.  Under normal operation the water in each tank is recirculated six times per hour.

The only maintenance required is supposed to be monthly changes of filter media and charcoal
and, one presumes, the water.

All that for just $10,000:  some assembly required.

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